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Steve McKinzey

Steve McKinzey

Vice President Sales & Marketing/Account Representative


FAMILY: Wife • 2 Kids • 3 Grandkids


FAVORITE PRINTING MEMORY: My funniest printing memory was when I was around 22 and working as a stripper in the prep department. I got mad one day, probably from the pressure of too may rush jobs, punched the production schedule board and over 50 magnet chips fell on the floor. I had to tell the boss and it took him 2 hours to remember where they all had been. Luckily we were really busy and he didn't fire me. His only comment was to tell me to punch the wall instead that way maybe I would be the only one hurt.

IN YOUR SPARE TIME: Golf • Cycle • Fly fishing • Teaching grandkids to fish and everything else

BUCKET LIST: Visit the Scottish highlands • Bone fish in Caribbean • Finally learn to play guitar

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